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    I'm Pierre. I know you're probably thinking I was forced to do this but that's not the case (lol). I wanted to help my Dad. Growing up he used to cook all the time and make me try the the food. My favorite meal, of course, was dessert. Sweet goodness! I remember every year he made me a cake for my birthday -- cupcakes too!

    Often, I remember smelling fresh baked cookies and cakes all day when I was home from school. He baked so much that my clothes even smelled like dessert. One day, I asked to help and soon began to join in. Overtime, I went to Pop Up events and different markets and fairs until I officially become the taste tester for Black Rose Pastries. Since then, I came up with a bunch of great ideas with my Dad. Make sure you check them out under the Flavors & FIllings section.  

    Black Rose Pastries sets out to satisfy that sweet tooth. Black Rose Pastries provides a World Class Customer Experience! We create beautiful pieces of art! Our pastries dance with the palette of the client! Our ingredients are locally sourced reducing costs & passed on to you! Black Rose Pastries strives to be a household name. Black Rose Pastries are "Simply Delicious Incredible Edibles!"


Happy Caking, 

- Pierre


Kid Approved!

Our Treats

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