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Our Motto

 "Simply Delicious Incredible Edibles"

Our Values

Customer Focus

Quality Product

Ethical Operation

Our History

Black Rose Pastries was founded in 2007 by Maurice Shelton.

Through Maurice's insatiable passion and creativity for baking and patisserie, he began to develop and inspire new and innovative products throughout the baking industry.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with fresh and delicious Incredible Edibles, using quality ingredients from local sources, that will create memorable experiences on your palette, while maintaining world class customer service. 

Black Rose Pastries sets out to satisfy that sweet tooth. Black Rose Pastries provides a World Class Customer Experience! We create beautiful pieces of art! Our pastries dance with the palette of the client! Our ingredients are locally sourced reducing costs & passed on to you! Black Rose Pastries strives to be a household name. Black Rose Pastries are "Simply Delicious Incredible Edibles!"


Incredible Edibles!"

"Simply Delicious

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