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Our Product

All of our cakes are custom designed and baked to order. We take pride in the quality and freshness of our product. 


All ingredients are purchased accordingly for your event to ensure maximum quality and freshness. We only use the highest grade, locally sourced ingredients, when creating our product. 


As best explained by The Knot Magazine: "Bakers who use fondant, often cover their cakes in buttercream first, then cover the top with a thin layer of fondant for that extra smooth look - the fondant melts right in with the buttercream as you eat it."


Fondant is also a better choice to withstand heat and humidity and allows for more versatile and creative edible decor when compared to buttercream.

Despite contrary belief, quality fondant can taste great. For all our fondant covered cakes, we use a high quality fondant made with chocolate. This particular recipe allows us better control in decorating and it can be flavored to your desired preference. 

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