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"Choose from a variety of flavors and fillings, all are made fresh, and never frozen."


Our slices begin at $3.50 per serving for basic decor (i.e. Swiss dots, single dots, and minimal decor) with a minimum order of $75.00 on: party cakes, excluding sculpted and wedding cakes


A minimum order of $250.00 is required on all wedding cakes.  All pricing excludes taxes & delivery.  


Pick up is available from our studio with prior arrangements made, at no additional cost to you.  It does have to be coordinated around previously scheduled deliveries and commitments


An additional charge applies to shaped cakes (i.e square, hexagon, etc.)

Sculpted Cakes:                              Decorated Cookies:

Priced upon request                       Starting at $4.00 ea +

Starting $10/serving                       Prices may vary depending on size of cookie. Type of decor

Miscellaneous Confections            Baked Cookies

Priced upon request                        Starting at $2 ea (trays available upon request) 

Cake Jars

Pint Size: $10 when ordering 4 or more (otherwise $12 ea)


$3.75 each with a minimum order of 24 (Two flavors per cupcake order) 

Filled Cupcakes begin at $4.25

All cupcake decor (other than icing) is priced accordingly.

MINI Cupcakes                                                                                             Misc. Confections

$1.50 each with a minimum order of 48                                                     Price Upon Request

Because of their size, we are unable to do fillings or swirl flavors           Starting at $1.50/unit +

Quoting Policy

Quoting without a signed contract and 50% retainer fee on file is valid for 48 hrs only and does not represent a binding contract. Once a quote is sent, if we do not hear from you within 72 hrs, we will assume you are no longer interested in our services and your order may be canceled at our discretion, without notice. We have a right of refusal due to: lack of communication, unreasonable requests,  verbal/written abuse or disrespect to our employees and staff,  explicit or offensive cake requests, and/or anything we deem inappropriate at our discretion  

We are an LGBT friendly bakery!!

Payment Policy

We require a 50% retainer (in order to secure your day) upon signing your contract. All money should be paid in full, two weeks prior to your event.  No exceptions made! We accept Cash, Check, or Credit Cards through Paypal & Invoice only.  For your security, we do not accept Credit Cards over telephone nor e-mail. If paying with a Check, please make sure it is made payable to:  Black Rose Pastries. NO personal checks will be accepted the week of your event, only Cashier's Checks drawn on a local bank.

Credit Card Policy 

We accept all major Credit Cards through Paypal & Invoicing only. For your security, NO credits are accepted over the phone nor over e-mail.

Because most bakers in our area do not accept Credit Cards, we accept these as a courtesy to you.  However when paying through Paypal, Paypal does charge a 2.9% fee   $0.30 (per Credit Card transaction).  This fees we pass on to you as per our contract.  This is a fee that is not included in your original cake quote, assuming that you are paying with our preferred traditional methods of Cash or Check. International Credit Card transactions through Paypal are subject to a 3.9% fee

Beginning October 1st, 2015, Credit Card transactions using Credit Cards that are NOT chip-based EMV cards, will inquire a higher fee in order to be used.  This is because the financial market will consider all of these sensitive to fraud.  

Design Policy

All of our designs are of our intellectual property and copyrighted.  If we provide you with a design, and you choose not to use our services, that design is still our property and legal action will be taken per "Author Bill of Right's" as explained below. "In compliance with Copyright Law, Author's Right bill, the following drawings are copyrighted and protected by the owners of Black Rose Pastries and cannot be reproduced without the author being rightfully compensated and without his/her written consent.  Replicates to include description of work/art to another baker and or industry colleague or competitor, will be penalized under the law with fees of a minimum of $750.00 up to $30,000.00 as suggested by the law."


Thank you for supporting our art and creativity!  

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

Please call:

260-758-0487 to inquire about your pricing


(***Prices will vary depending on the intricacy of your design, and do not include: delivery, taxes, and/or credit card fees****)

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