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Is Alopecia A Disability Uk

Jun 27, 2022Alopecia is not generally considered a disabling condition in medical terms. It is often believed that people who are suffering from alopecia are in good health. For sufferers of.

  • Mar 28, 2022Alopecia UK is here to support anyone affected by any type of alopecia. Our CEO Sue Schilling is available for interview. You can find out more about alopecia and our support.

  • Scottish Disability Directory; Alopecia UK. Alopecia UK Provides information, advice and support to alopecia sufferers. Visit our website. Phone us on. 0776 329 3687.. Email:.

  • Invested in furthering research in to alopecia in the UK: 93,000: Audience reached with our award winning awareness documentary 'Shedding' Make a donation. Please select a donation amount.

Is Alopecia A Disability Uk

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