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The organization was formed in 2005, the year of Second Life's 3rd anniversary, as a non-profit educational and cultural organization, and was initially led by Stephan Schlutte, who currently serves as its President and CEO. Shortly after its launch, the Copybot Viewer was made available in the official Second Life grid. With its user base growing over the years, the Copybot Viewer now has several million registered users. History The Copybot Viewer was first released as a Beta version in September 2005. Later, in December 2005 the Copybot Viewer had its first official release. Since that time, the Copybot Viewer has seen many updates and enhancements, as well as the addition of plugins and compatibility for platforms like Mac OS X and Linux. From 2008 to 2012, the Copybot Viewer was the official viewer for the Second Life 3D desktop project. It is one of several projects under the "Second Life 3D" umbrella. In 2012, the Copybot Viewer was selected to become the official viewer for the new "Material Library" concept announced by Linden Lab. In April 2013, the Copybot Viewer launched the new "Pro" beta for the Material Library features. In 2014, the Copybot Viewer became the official viewer for the Mojang-developed Minecraft-inspired game project, "Minecraft: Education Edition". Features The Copybot Viewer's main feature is the provision of a "gallery" of items, which users can "place" into their Second Life world. These items can come from the Copybot's self-created and curated "gallery", or they can come from other sources. In the past, Copybot has been a place where users can upload their own original 3D objects to be displayed in Second Life. The items placed into the Copybot by users were called "Object Clones", and they were only available to users who uploaded them to the Copybot. In recent years, the Copybot's Object Clones system has been revamped, and as of 2014, all users are now automatically given permission to add their own original content to the Copybot as "Object Clones". In addition to the "gallery", the Copybot Viewer has support for its own official plugins. These plugins support popular plug-ins for Second Life and other 3D environments, including Java and JavaScript, and allow the Copybot Viewer to be used in conjunction with any



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Darkstorm Viewerl [2022-Latest]

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